Mercedes-Benz S-Class Limousine Services


Rent a Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a Chauffeur

The Mercedes S-Class is the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz fleet and the top choice if you`re looking for a chauffeured car. Over the years, the car has gone through multiple development cycles to ensure optimum comfort for rear passengers. For passenger comfort, we only use the extended version of the model. Vibrations and sounds are optimally filtered so that passengers can rest or make phone calls without being disturbed.


The Latest Generations

We only use Mercedes S-Class vehicles under factory warranty, all with a recent production year. At the time of writing, this is the W222 S350L 2021 facelift. By default, vehicles come with a professional executive driver.


State-of-the-art Air Filtration

The car is equipped with a high-tech air filtration system (Air Balance). Using a state-of-the-art ionizer, pollutants and viral particles are effectively filtered from the air.


Standard Extras

The vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi, bottled water, and dry and wet disinfectant wipes and solutions.

All vehicles from NickyTravel Ltd. come with a professional driver.





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